About Kindl


The art of charring wood started in Japan centuries ago. The process called Shou Sugi Ban 焼 杉 板 (or Yakisugi) is used to preserve cedar, making the wood less susceptible to fire, pests and rot. From cleaning the wood to firing it, the process is natural and time-tested. The visual effect is far more desirable than standard stains and paints, with a unique story and custom feel for every application.

The Kindl approach to charred wood processing starts at the source. We operate our own saw mill in Parry Sound, Ontario, where our wood species are processed from Timber to Finish. We can even tell you exactly what town your timber is from.

We approach each project as a custom order, tailored to your specific needs. Our Kindl, Saw Mill and Lumber & Building Materials team have been working in the woodworking industry for over 20 years. Our finishing specialists partner with you from the initial consultation about your project where we help define your application, technical details, styles of profiles, and the selection or mixing of an infinite number of options of species, through to helping you choose the level of char, brushing, staining and the overall aesthetic. It's our expertise and process that make the difference with some of the applications, such as fences and decks, exterior siding, and interior millwork design projects. It's highly durable, rot and fire resistant and a natural pest deterrent. Plus, providing a memorable surface finish, it gives your project a unique look and feel.

You are welcome to visit our location at any time during the process of your order. Since we control the process of your wood project from timber to finish at our Parry Sound Saw Mill, we are able to use best practices for the environment and forestry industry. Our vertical integration, charring equipment, and efficiency are just some of the reasons we're so competitive. We can even use the timbers cleared from your lot to create your wood profiles and unique level of char. See some of our examples in the Kindl gallery.