Natural lumber can be a beautiful addition to any room, from fireplace mantels to shelving. We understand the beauty of wood products. That's why we stock several grades and types of hard and soft wood. Each type of lumber has specific uses that it's ideal for. When it comes to moulding and millwork, we have ANY profile, created out of ANY species of wood. We specialize in custom wood mouldings, baseboards, trim, stairs and many other custom lumber applications, all done locally at our Mill

Dimensional Lumber

We stock various grades of dimensional, pressure treated and untreated lumber ranging in size and species. (i.e. Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Fir, etc.) See the various species of wood that come from our mill, from cedar to pine, and more!


Whether you're looking for plywood for your projects, or for sheathing for a house, we have a broad selection of Plywood and OSB to meet your needs. 

Pressure Treated

Pressure treating helps wood withstand the elements and ward off insects and fungal decay. It can last 20 years or more. It's strong, cost-effective, visually appealing and is an excellent choice for outdoor projects.

Mouldings & Trim

Every detail is as important as the next, and we go to great lengths to ensure that it meets the highest standards for quality and design. Our mouldings and trim can be integrated into your ideas to achieve the look you are aiming for in your space! Be sure to check out our home interiors page for more information!

Wood Siding

Nothing makes your home look more welcoming and hospitable. Our wood siding lets you enjoy the benefits of natural wood with a low maintenance finish. It adds prestige and value to your home, and distinctive architectural details that complement your home's design. Be sure to check out our siding page for more information!

MicroPro Sienna

MicroPro® preservative technology is a revolutionary way to pressure treat wood for decks, fences, landscaping and general exterior construction uses. MicroPro preservative technology meets Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards as a wood preservative that has been formulated especially for Canadian species and use conditions. Wood treated with MicroPro can be used above ground, in-ground contact and in fresh water.

Engineered Wood

We stock a wide variety of engineered wood products from LVL, I Joists, LSL, GLU-LAM and RIM Board. We do full floor designs ready for permit. Be sure to check out our trusses and engineered products page for more information!