Properly installed siding can help reduce your energy bills while making your home exterior look beautiful and safe from unpredictable weather.

Prefinished wood siding is another beautiful and durable option for your home. Wood siding is organic, solid, stable, and naturally resistant to the elements, and has enhanced the beauty of homes for hundreds of years. You can achieve stunning effects with the right mix and match of various types of profiled siding (horizontally and vertically), or even combine profiled siding with white cedar shingles.

Fiber cement siding is the right choice if you are looking for lasting strength under tough conditions. Quality craftsmanship, authentic woodgrain textures, and a resilient finishing system - along with unlimited colour choices - give you the complete freedom to celebrate your personal style.

When you want longevity, durability and a multitude of colours and profiles consider metal siding for your cottage, garage, shop, home and commercial applications. 

Vinyl siding, such as the products provided by our trusted suppliers, is low maintenance and fast to install, allowing you more time to relax or work on other projects. Vinyl siding also comes in a wide variety of colours and styles and can even match a natural or painted wood look.